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The ultimate Articulate Storyline online course. In this online course, you will learn everything you need from e-learning design, states, triggers, variables and conditions to creating templates and implementing your finished course in an LMS. This online course is packed with 63+ videos. 5+ hours of truly practical video content.

Want To Increase Your ID Career Opportunities?

Articulate Storyline is the most in-demand skill for instructional design jobs. But knowing how Storyline works alone is not enough to create effective real-world e-learning courses.

In this course, you will learn how Storyline works using a proven development process, how to design and build interactions from scratch, how to create advanced e-learning templates, lots of instructional design principles and ultimately, tips and tricks to speed up your course development skills.
 Beginner – Intermediate |  60+ videos |  5+ hours content

Do You Feel That…

  • You would be more marketable for a job or promotion if you were more efficient in Articulate Storyline?
  • You are wasting time figuring things out on your own in Storyline and spending hours on YouTube?
  • You are unsure how to properly set up and structure your e-learning projects in Storyline?
  • You are extremely confused with Articulate Storyline features like Layers, States, variables and conditions?
  • You are struggling with what the best way is to create screen recordings and simulations in Storyline?
  • You would spend less time messing around with Storyline and more time creating effective and engaging e-learning courses?

What Would It Be Like If You….

  • confidently master Storyline for work & career advancement?
  • know how Storyline works inside out?
  • Know how to use Layers, States, variables and conditions in Storyline in real-life projects?
  • Understand how to work with Slide Masters, layouts, color themes and font styles?
  • Become awesome at using Storyline to create effective and engaging e-learning courses in Storyline?

Does this resonate? I have the perfect solution for you! 

The Ultimate Articulate Storyline Online Course

This online course is specifically designed to optimise your time and productivity in Storyline. It teaches you step-by-step how to build engaging e-learning courses with Articulate Storyline (so that you become a Storyline pro).

This is a complete Articulate Storyline online course (from zero to expert).

All in completely bite-sized videos, the only course you'll need to learn Storyline from the ground up (no prior experience required) that will help you save hundreds of hours off your learning curve.

Course review

Mark is extremely knowledgeable and is an expert with Articulate Storyline. Working with and becoming a part of his Articulate Storyline online training course has greatly increased the revenue for my business.
Paulette Bryant
Instructional Designer

This Course Consists Of

11 modules
63+ videos
5+ hours content
The Course is well-paced — not too fast, not too slow.

How Will You Learn?

Here is my approach to making learning Storyline as efficient and fun as possible.

I provide the perfect mix of:
  • Nuts & Bolts Explanations
  • How does it work?
  • Real-world & Fun Exercises
  • When & Where would I use that?

I'm not going to make you sit through documentation of every function available in Storyline – that’s boring, and you can do that as you need it. In this online course, you’ll learn the things I wish I had known when I started with Articulate Storyline back in the day.

For a full list of all topics covered, see the curriculum below.

What’s Included In This Course?

Who Is This Course For?

Any instructional designer or e-learning developer looking to learn Articulate Storyline.
If you have a little experience in  Articulate Storyline you will simply complete the course a little more quickly.
  • People who are changing careers from teaching to instructional design.
  • E-learning developers who work with Adobe Captivate or Lectora and want to start building with Articulate Storyline.
  • Instructional designers and e-learning developers who want to broaden en deepen their Articulate Storyline skills. 

    Actually anyone who wants to learn Articulate Storyline and wants to unlock the power of Articulate Storyline
    to create effective and engaging e-learning courses.

Not sure if it's for you? 100% money back if you don't think it's a good fit 💰

About Your Instructor

Hi, I’m Mark Spermon. I’m a Dutch guy working in the e-learning industry as an Instructional designer, e-learning developer and teacher since 2006. Besides giving advice on e-learning and making e-learning courses, I love to share all my knowledge about Articulate Storyline that I have gained in all those years.

In the last 10 years...
  • I built over 100 e-learning courses in Storyline...
  • Trained lots of instructional designers and e-learning developers in how to use Storyline...
  • Published 100+ Youtube-videos about Articulate Storyline and Instructional Design...
  • Created the Ultimate Articulate Storyline Online Training.
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Looking to expand your Articulate Story skills? You've come to the right place!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is his course for?

This course is for instructional designers and e-learning developers who want to develop their e-learning skills and learn how to create e-learning projects in Articulate Storyline from start to finish.

Is this course completely self-paced or are you available to answer questions?

You can always ask your questions in the course community forum or sent me an email and I will answer your Articulate Storyline Course questions.

🏆 Will I receive a certificate of completion? 🎓

Yes, we offer both a PDF certificate of completion (printable), and also a certificate that you can add to your LinkedIn profile! This will give you a competitive edge.

How long will I have access to the online course?

If you buy the Ultimate Articulate Storyline Training Course you’ll have lifetime access to all course materials, new course videos and other updates.

How long will it take to complete the course?

The course is self-paced, so it's based on your own schedule. It's a course that is to-the-point and powerful, designed to teach you everything you need to know about Articulate Storyline in the most efficient way (without wasting your time) — that way it's manageable and not a huge time commitment. The course consits of 5+ hours of video.

Do I need a Storyline license for this course?

No you can download Articulate 360 from the Articulate website and use the free Storyline trail to complete the 'Ultimate Storyline Online Training'.

What happens if I don't like the course?

If you feel like the Ultimate Articulate Storyline Training Course hasn't provided you with any value, contact me & I'll give you a refund within the first 30 days. 

Can I pay with PayPal?

Yes, you can pay with PayPal and creditcard.

When was this course last updated?

The course was last updated in November 2022.
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